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SMS Gateway API is an application which will allow you to use our SMS gateway hosted at our end for your customized needs.

If you are running a company, an educational institute, a website or if you require a SMS application embedded in your software then you can certainly use our services to accomplish your goals more efficiently.

Once you pay, we will provide you with a login ID and a customized API through which you can use our SMS Gateway to send SMS to anywhere .

What Is SMS Gateway API

Application Programming Interface (API), is a dedicated interface, script or URL that is given to the customer to use a particular service.It is an interface that allows a client to use the services he has purchased.

In our case, the user will purchase our services of delivering SMS to any network worldwide. To use our services all you need to do is to integrate our SMS gateway API into your applications, websites, software and customized applications and you will be able to use the power of sms world.

We will help you in embedding the API with our customized ready-made scripts in ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA and Python.

Who Can Use Our API?

Anyone who wants to extract the benefits out of the SMS WORLD would certainly be interested in our services. Following are few categories that can take advantage of our services:

Business Community - SMS World is the latest technology that is enhancing the efficiency of the day to day process of a workplace.Our services can help you communicate with your employees at a higher speed, lower cost and less hassle.You can now send SMS to your employees to inform them about any new update without writing the SMS individually or waiting for the SMS to be delivered. Our SMS service will allow you to integrate a distribution list, which will contain the numbers of all the people you want to send the SMS, and all you have to do is to type the message once.

You will click on send button and the message will be sent to the whole list.Delivery is guaranteed.You can send BULK SMS to your potential clients for advertising through our services.

Website owner/Blogger - There are many advantages of adding a SMS application in your website.One, your Website traffic will increase if your offer your customers the facility to send FREE SMS to anyone international SMS.

Customers love anything that they get for free and we know how this service will help you increase your traffic because we have experienced the same when we offered FREE SMS facility to our users.

Second, you can SMS your regular clients or potential clients about any new package/deal/item that you are offering through our BULK SMS service.

Third, it is an easy way to carry out a research/poll and get valuable data from the masses.

School/ College/ University - Any educational institution with any number of students always require a medium to communicate with their students on short notices. How often we see that due to some law and order situation or for any other reason the management decides to close the educational institutions at the eleventh hour.In such short notice it is impossible for the educational institutes to communicate with the students or with the students parents and inform them about the decision of the institutions management.

In this case or in any other case where the institution management wants to communicate with their students they can use our services to send BULK SMS that will cost them less and will take less time to communicate.

The process will be very simple we will provide the institution with an interface that will have the option to integrate the distribution list. In this list the institution will write the numbers of all the students, teachers, and parents or can make separate lists for each category. All they have to do is to select the particular list, type the message and click the send button. Rest of the process will be handled by our SMS application.

What can I build that uses SMSTEXTER API text messaging?

There are countless ideas. Here are a few:

Create Free SMS Website

Send Schedule SMS from Your Site

Planning an event? Send details to friends phones and keep the group talking.

Keep your readers engaged by allowing them to share gossip or quiz their friends.

A way to take conversations to go for your online community.

Personal safety net for safe ride, disaster alerts or other public services.

Reply-all alerts, i.e. a server goes down, four people need to be notified and coordinate immediately to respond

A word of mouth tool to let people easily talk about and try your product.

Skiing, fantasy football, soccer practice, and trips to Vegas. Keep small groups connected, competing, or smack talking.


You decide the purpose and your web site starts the conversation. We deliver the messages and make sure carrier guidelines are followed.


To Use This Feature You Must buy package, Just 350$/Month For Blogger/web package

You can call our SMS Api From Browser : message&key=your key

Example : test api sms&key=xxxxxx


Fast SMS delivery

Delivery is guaranteed (for correct numbers only)

Enhanced character limit. The characters can be increased from 130 to 300 (on request)

Interface will provide detailed statistics of the messages sent through your ID. Plus it will give you the statistics of total messages sent or failed in a campaign or in form of accumulated result.

Easy to use graphical user interface.

Our reliable 24/7 customer support facility.

Our network infrastructure is based on the following specifications

Primary Server located in USA

8 x SMS gateway servers located at various locations in USA and Indonesia

SMS gateway server configuration

Pentium 4 Core 2 Duo 2.8


250GB HDD Primary drive

250GB HDD Backup drive

Genuine Windows XP and Linux OS

High data rate GSM modems

Multiple Internet connections from different ISPs

All necessary backup devices i.e UPS, generator etc

Secure network environment